Ilse and Martin in Regensburg
From the 26th to the 28th of November 2009

This year we decided to accept Martin's invitation to come and see him and Ilse in Regensburg. We leave Varde early in the morning and reach Regensburg early in the evening. After unpacking we quickly decide to go to a cosy place to have a meal and a beer.
In the morning we have breakfast in the attic of their cosy old house near the Danube.
We have planned to be tourists in Regensburg, and since his move to Regensburg Martin has read a lot about the town, so he can be our tourist guide. On the staircase they have their shoes, and Martin sits down to tie his shoelaces. But he and Ilse are artists, which can be seen from the many pictures hanging on the walls.
It is a cold day. To cross the Danube we make use of a very old bridge, only for pedestrians and cyclists.
Martin, the tourist guide, tells us stories about the bridge and events relating to it. Else listens and in the background the cathedral. To the right a foto and me with the houses next to theirs in the background.
Martin and Else from an interesting angle with the cathedral behind them. Christmas is just around the corner, so Martin gives his share to some charity.
An artist cannot do without a studio, and here we are in Martin's studio. Else admires his paintings, and Martin presents his colourful works with a great smile.
In the evening we pass Ilse's shop: Die WundertŁte, the lucky bag, the cornucopia, the horn of plenty. When we return, we meet her in her role as babysitter for the neighbours' boy.
Our visit happens almost at the same time as the visit of some of their friends from Bremen, so here we are all seated. The person to the left with the glasses and the the woman in the turqoise blouse are from Bremen, and the man in the shirt making very illustrative movements is the neighbour