Travelling through Scotland
Loch Lomond - Fort William - the West Coast - 2010
We have left Ireland behind and taken a flight from Dublin to Glasgow where a rented car is waiting for us. We head north and soon come to Loch Lomond and our first encounter with the Highlands. Else is looking at the lake.
I also enjoy the view with a group of Rosebay Willowherb. Else is taking a stroll among the rocks.
Our rented car, a VW Golf, in the middle of nowhere, that is in the midst of impressive mountains. The same mountains with the Thimble, the violet-coloured flower, in the foreground.
I have been looking forward to 'looking at my soul' again. In Rannoch Moor I find a lake that can give me that experience. Shortly after we arrive at Ballachulish where Else can browse in the bookshop and we can have a nice cup of tea/coffee and a scone and a cake.
We spend the night at this Bed and Breakfast on the outskirts of Fort William. The next day we continue our trip heading for the coast. Again we find mountains that inspire moments of meditation.
Else also feels the urge to move, running on the sport to get the blood circulation going. Later we pass the first fish farming place. Here the staff are cutting up the salmon that have lived in the fish farm that can be seen in the loch behind them.
The salmon are thrown into these big containers. We head on and come to a very characteristic scenery on the west coast: the loch with all its seaweed as a result of the tide being out at this moment.
The rocks, the seaweed, the sparse vegetation and the foggy weather creates its own special atmosphere. On our way we have the replica rolex pleasure of meeting some of the inhabitants of the mountainous part of Scotland, that is the sheep.
 In many parts of the country we drive on single-track roads, but fortunately they have scattered them with Passing Places. Heading on, we reach the coast.