Mull and Iona

We leave the continent on the ferry to Mull. The weather is rainy and on our way across the island we witness fantastic scenery like the one on the right: fog, lakes, mountains and grass.
During the day, the sky brightens and almost across the island we find this small idyllic place with the sign B&B, and we decide immediately that this is the place to stay at. It is located close to this stone bridge and in the distance we can see the hotel and restaurant where we have our dinner.
After settling in and leaving our luggage, we decide to drive a bit further on in the direction of Iona. We pass lovely landscapes like these and also a group of black sheep.
And - not to forget - this interesting fellow: A Highland cow. The next day the weather has changed once again and the rain comes pouring down: right on the day we had planned an outing to Iona. But what the heck: we are travellers, adventurers, and in fact the coastline is  impressive in all sorts of weather. On the right is the harbour with nets on the Mull side.
Coming ashore on the Iona coast is quite an experience in itself, walking up the gangway from the ferry in the pouring rain. Looking towards the island we see this cluster of houses with the abbey in the distance.
Armed with her umbrella Else makes her way to the abbey. After seeing the abbey we walk on and Else finds a group of her friends.
In weather conditions like this it is nice to find a tea-room and we have coffee and a couple of flapjacks and a scone. Mhm! In the meantime the weather has changed yet again, so we head for the coast on the other side of the island. Most of the other tourists stay on the side with the abbey, so most of time we have the coast all to ourselves.
Again I feel at peace with myself looking at the coastline with its rock formations and the feeling of the endless sea behind them. On the ferry back it is marvellous to see Iona bathed in sunshine. In the distance we can see the abbey.
For some reason Else feels at home among the thistles, symbols of Scotland. Here she poses together with some of her friends with the loch and the mountains in the background. After this exhausting outing to Iona we need a cheap lace dresses little drink before our evening meal at the B&B.
 In the early morning the next day I take a walk along the shore outside the B&B. The surface of the water is like a mirror, everything is quiet and the thimbles form a decorative image with the loch and the mountains in the background. It is time to say goodbye, and I have asked our kind hosts, Peter and Carol, to step outside for a photo. We appreciate their great hospitality and openness. The boy that Carol is carrying is not her own. She takes care of him while his parents, some other guests at the B&B are having their breakfast. Her own sons are grown-ups.