Visiting Ray and Rita July 2010
It has been our dream for a long time to go to Dublin and pay Ray and Rita a visit in Skerries, a town on the coast about 20 miles north of Dublin. The idea is to combine this with a visit to the west of Scotland, so we have planned to stay with them for three days before taking a flight to Glasgow where a rented car is wating for us. So here we are at Dublin International airport where we get a warm welcome by Ray and Rita. We drive to their house, and it's lovely weather, although a bit windy. To the right we are in front of their house.
The picture on the left shows a view from window of their house. After we have settled down and got our gear in place, we drive to the harbour, where we have a lovely view of the bay and the houses of the harbour.
On the other side of these houses the view is also impressive, the sea, the rocks and the small islands near the coast. As the pictures show, it is quite windy, and in fact the night before a buoy has been torn off, so the boat has been pushed on to the rocks. This has made a hole in the side of the boat, but they manage to repair it, so the tide lifts the boat again and they can sail into the harbour again.
Later in the evening Ray and Rita prepare a delicate meal for us with salmon and salad and delicious white wine. Since we were there last time, they have had the kitchen refurnished, so it's a nice place.
The day after we go to the town centre and to give Else a chance to indulge her book addiction we also have a look at the bookshop. It is located next to the church where I went to mass with Ray. Later they take us to a place where there is a scenic view of Skerries.
This place is close to Ardgillan Castle, and Else and I are pretending to be the happy owners of this place. A  thought that seems to appeal to Rita, Else and Ray.
Later in the day we go to 'Stoop Your Head' Bar and Restaurant to have a Guinness and a Tennent's Lager before a good seafood meal. The next morning Rita has prepared a really good cooked breakfast and here Else is seen eating it.
I think that it looks so good that I would like a picture of mine before eating it. This day we have planned to go into Dublin to be real tourists, but of course the book addict Else starts her tour of Dublin at Waterstone's, a well-known Dublin bookshop.
I spend my time just walking up and down the streets, looking at people, buildings and the activities that I happen to encounter.The picture to the right shows a youth trying to get attention to the employment situation of young people.
We have planned to meet again in Grafton Street, the primary pedestrian street of Dublin, where there is a Bewley's Café. 
While we are waiting for our tea/coffee and scones, Else is already diving into her little treasure of books acquired at Waterstone's.Back at Skerries, we are going to take part in a soccer-watching session in a pub together with Ray, Rita and some Dutch friends of theirs.  So we are equipping ourselves with the necessary orange gear to show our support.
So here we are together with the others watching the match. It turns out to become a hair-raising event, but at the end Holland wins by 3 to 2 over Uruguay. This is going to be celebrated, but unfortunately we have to leave early, as our plane leaves at 9:30 the next morning. The flight from Dublin to Glasgow is made with Aer Lingus, and here we have Else on the runway on her way to the aircraft. It has been three wonderful days in Ireland.