Sightseeing in Regensburg
5 March 2011
In connection with Else's exhibition in Martin's gallery, druckMal,  in Regensburg, we also have time to take a tourist tour of the town. First a look at the Danube from their house, and then a view of their house from the other side of the river. It is hard to see, but it is just to the right of the big white building close to the river. The weather is lovely, cold but sunny and no wind.
We walk across the river on the Steinerne Brücke, and here people are enjoying the sun and the fact that it is Saturday.
Just on the other side of the river we walk to 'Die Wundertüte' (the cornucopia or horn of plenty), the shop that Ilse runs together with Leslie seen here with Ilse and Martin.
The shop is really a 'horn of plenty', full of interesting things for the tourists to buy. Outside Martin and Else wait for Ilse to carry along some small flowers.
Martin has had a look in the newspaper and found that there is a free concert in the church beside the cathedral. Two women play lovely early classical music on the flute and the piano.
Outside the church there is the  workshop for the restoration of the cathedral, and they use travertine stone from a local quarry. Seeing that travertine is my fabourite stone I appreciate a picture of myself with some nice samples. Ilse, Martin and Else dicuss where to go next.
We go to the 'Alte Kapelle' church which is a magnificient piece of art with loads of gold foil on the walls.
The church is named after this chapel that Else is admiring.
Outside we are reminded by this piece of snow that winter isn't over yet, in spite of the lovely sunshine. Ilse and Martin have gone to fetch their bikes and meet us again to go and have lunch.
We choose a traditional Bavarian place, with a large room and many guests. Ilse, Martin and Else analyse the menu.
Here they have the custom that the owner comes out to chat with the guests, and he also comes to our table. A good traditional dish with meat, knödel and salad. Afterwards we face the cold in the shade again. Later in the evening we are to open the gallery for the vernissage.