Else's exhibition in Regensburg
5 March 2011
'The long and bumpy road to Nirvana'
Martin and Ilse have opened their own art gallery in Regensburg, druckmal, and have asked Else if she would like to have an exhibition of her pictures here. Of course she is interested and they agree to have the vernissage on the 5th of March 2011. We combine this with our visit to our house in Italy and on our way back to Denmark we take all the pictures for the exhibition in our car and succeed in finding his gallery in a cosy little street in the town centre. Martin is there to welcome us.
All the acrylic and textile pictures have been fastened with strings on the backseat, and we place them all on the floor and furniture in the gallery.
There are many things to consider in hanging them on the walls, but Martin loves this part of the work. After some discussion they get on with the work.
Else has decided to call her exhibition 'The long and bumpy road to Nirvana', and they hang the picture that has been used for the promotion of the exhibition in the window. Martin smiles from the inside and Else is judging the presentation from the outside. On the back of the picture they place another one to face the room.
The work efficiently and after some time of considerations and decisions the pictures are organised. Martin asks if this is alright.
At last Else is satisfied with the result and they can relax after their efforts.
Palle has worked behind the scenes, that is, has taken the photos, and can relax together with Martin, looking at the pictures. In the evening Martin opens the gallery for the vernissage and they make the last preparations.
Ilse and Martin have asked Stephan to be bartender. He is good at opening bottles and speaking English. When some people have arrived, Martin makes a little introductory speech.
Else also makes a speech, explaining her background and creative process. Afterwards other people enter the gallery and have a look around. Of course some of them have some questions to ask Else.
Else has to think about her own activity as an artist as a result of these questions, and meanwhile people enjoy themselves looking at the pictures and talking to Martin and Ilse.
Those present have a lot to talk about, and Else is trying to explain what her pictures express.
While Else and Martin put up the pictures, Ilse was at home, preparing a lot of tasty food, and here she shows the various dishes to Else. The gallery is also a workshop, where Martin presents various techniques in producing pictures, and some of the visitors have a closer look at this.
Later on Martin and Else discuss the interpretation of a special picture, and later again people leave the gallery and Martin says goodbye to them.